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Desktop Virtualization Saves Costs

By Michael Morse | February 2, 2012

Sometime ago I made an investment in technology and it has begun to pay off.  Those in the practice of law may know I have been a pioneer in paperless office innovation using an array of desktop and network scanners.  Several years ago I asked my IT Company,  “How can I watch hardware cost while managing my growth spurts?”  While the desktop side of paperless offices seems remedial now, I push forward in all areas of technology.   I now have over 80 employees adding 10 at a time in some cases.

I recall the detailed conversations over which route to choose regarding managed growth, a traditional ‘client server’ network or a post-modern approach using servers to create virtual desktops for my support staff.  I had to educate myself fast. Client server networks are where data is stored on a data server and all applications are ran from desktops and laptops, this can lead to costly labor charges managing desktops and is an old fashion way of computing familiar to most businesses. A virtual desktop approach allowed me to use low-end Netbooks or end-of-life Desktops to connect to a server where user Desktops would be virtually stored. Since everything (data and applications) was on a new fast server the old or low-end machines seem fast as it is merely an image of the data on the screen with all the processing taking place on a server. Many of you may already connect remotely to your desktop(s) using an application called Remote Desktop Connection (by Microsoft). Rather than connecting to just one desktop remotely from abroad to your office Desktop, I connect 20 users to one server on-premise. I have built my own internal “Cloud.” I was doing this in 2006 at the time of my fire which destroyed my building. I was doing this before it became a buzzword, “Cloud Computing,” I didn’t know. We install software versions on this server that once installed are ready for all to use instantly; per user license fee applies.  That is how I managed my growth; I leveraged technology on the desktop side visually with the use of scanners keeping my work flow fast and efficient. I leveraged technology ephemerally with the use of desktop virtualization software by Microsoft.  Just because your current machines are slow does not mean they are dead, they still have a life. Use them to connect to a Microsoft Terminal Server today!  BTW, you will still want desktops for the executive team, power users or lawyers for video deps and other ancillary items under this approach.  Thanks for listening.

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