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Do You Need a Smartphone?

By Michael Morse | September 9, 2010

The decision to use a smartphone as an integral part of your law practice is one that can make you significantly more efficient.  Think about it! Once you have a smartphone your office becomes portable. You can read and answer all of your emails. Many law firms expect attorneys to answer emails 24/7. Having a smartphone makes this much easier than carrying a laptop and can help you provide much better service to your clients.

Smartphones can do lots of other “non-office” functions.. If you have a blog or a social media campaign, you can manage all of that from your phone. No matter where you are you can read other blogs, write your own posts, or even review pleadings that have been sent to you.  If you travel for work, your phone probably has a map or GPS system, which can prevent  you from being late to court or getting lost in an unfamiliar part of town.

Efficiency is so important in our daily busy lives as lawyers.  Smartphones can help!

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