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Electronic Signatures On Adobe

By Michael Morse | August 25, 2010

Legal documents travel through cyberspace and fax machines. As many of you know, Federal Courts have also moved to e-filing. Adobe has a program now that allows parties to electronically sign documents.

The program works by uploading a document to the Adobe site, and then choosing your recipient. You can decide whether you want to sign first, or have the other party sign first. Once you have submitted the document, the recipient will be notified the document is ready for their signature.

Once the document has been signed by all parties, all parties receive notification that a fully executed document is available on the Adobe server. The fully executed document has a signature page, which includes the digital signatures of all parties, as well as the date they signed the document. The document is time and date stamped, to make sure it is valid.

Remember though, just because you are willing to digitally sign something, your recipients may not be! Also, whatever document you are signing sits temporarily on Adobe’s servers. If you are worried about security and/or confidentiality, this could be an issue.

For attorneys who are comfortable working digitally, this is a great option to have.

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