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Line2 iPhone App

By Michael Morse | August 2, 2010

Line2 is an iPhone app launched in March with lots of cool features. My favorite is that Line2 turns the iPhone into a dual-mode phone. This means you can place and receive calls using either the AT&T airwaves like always, or over the internet. Any time you’re in a wireless hot spot, Line2 places its calls over Wi-Fi instead of AT&T’s network.

Think about that. Cell phone reception is usually worse whenever you’re indoors and inside is where you have W-Fi.  Line2 in Wi-Fi means rock-solid reception indoors. Wow.

Line2 also runs on the iPod Touch. When you’re in a Wi-Fi hot spot, the iPod Touch becomes a full-blown cell phone, and you don’t owe AT&T a dime. Wi-Fi calls don’t use up any AT&T minutes. You can talk all day long, without worrying about going over your monthly minutes. Wi-Fi calls are free forever. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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