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Check Out Google Docs!

By Michael Morse | July 12, 2010

Google Docs can now scan PDFs and image files with Optical Text Recognition (OCR). Most lawyers use Adobe Professional to run the recognition. If you do not have that program, or you are mobile, Google Docs is very helpful. Say opposing counsel sends a settlement agreement, and you need to revise it. Google Docs can convert the document and you can edit away.

Google Docs allows you to quickly and easily create an exhibit, or need to insert a picture into a document. You may rarely need to do this but it’s good to know you can do it online, from any computer.

The major downside to Google Docs is privacy issues. There are three settings, private, anyone with the link, and public. Private allows only you to access the document and is the default setting for all documents. The second option allows anyone with the web address of the document to see it and make revisions. For a law firm, this is problematic. Of course, having unsecured documents on the web can be a disaster. The third option, public, would have little use for a law firm.

Let me know how you like it once you get started with Google Docs.

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